How To Help Your Child Prepare For Giving Their First Speech

Preparing your child for their first speech is not a daunting task for you. You can motivate the kid and make him understand the subject which he is going to present in front of the audience. You have to improve his courage mentally and make him face reality. Speech contest helps him learning the competitive spirit and boldness in his life. He also should accept his failures if any so that he can taste success later. The public speech does break his shyness, which is not required for a successful person.

Let us see some important steps preparing your child for his first speech

Subject Knowledge

You need to advise your kid to understand the subject he is delivering in front of a sizeable audience. Lack of knowledge on the subject does not make him successful in his speech. Teach him about the subject or make him prepare with the help of articles and books online or the library. Once he understands the subject or the topic he delivers make him confident and bold to present his first speech

Who is the Audience?

Prepare your kid to face the audience by knowing the type of audience such as students, the general public, scholars, politicians, etc. in front of him. Accordingly, you kid to speak adjusting his tone and content to cope with the expectations of the audience.

Speech Structure

Even though your kid is a small boy or a girl, arrange his speech in perfect format thereby respecting the audience. Your kid’s speech should have a brief introduction to the subject or topic he delivers. His speech should be persuasive and thought-provoking in the middle. He should finish his speech with a conclusion and a thanks note.

Give Them Some Time to Draft the Speech

Make your kid prepare a draft on his speech whatever he has in his mind. It is not needed to prepare a scholarly article and instead some information which he knows. Later you can edit and paraphrase the subject o deliver publicly.

Need to Revise or Proofread

Once he finishes his draft writing, ask him to revise under your supervision. He should learn to use this skill because the proofreading habit would minimize a lot of mistakes thereby making his speech very clear and error-free.

Audiovisual Aids

If possible teach your children using audiovisual aids for his first speech. The inclusion of visual aids enhance his speech to a great extent and would gain the applause of the audience.

Practice Makes Perfect

Ask your child, to practice many times before the actual speech starts in front of many people. You can give him or her a demo on how to address the public, what tone has to be used, modulations of the speech, and body language on the stage. More he practices these steps, more the success in his first speech. Teach him about eye contact with the public for effective speech delivery.

Above all, his public fear has to be minimized so that he can give an impeccable speech whoever present in his front. Give him the confidence and courage required to deliver the speech.

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