How To Prepare For Attending Your First Conference

When you have an upcoming conference, you can’t blame yourself if you get pretty excited about it. There are a lot of things you must do to prepare for it though. One of them would be to research the venue so you won’t be late. You better find out how long it would take for you to get there so you know what time you will set your alarm clock. One thing is for sure, they would not wait for you so you would not want to make a grand entrance when you come in and give other people there a bad first impression of you. The second thing to do would research the background of each speaker as you would want to know what you can learn from each and every one of them. One of them may be tackling a topic that you would want to learn about for a pretty long time. As a result, you will be glued towards that speaker during the entire duration of his talk. You may even make it a point to go to the toilet before him so you won’t need to do that during your speaker’s talk. You know you can’t avoid that from happening but there is a lesser chance of that happening if you pee before the talk unless you drank a lot of coffee during the conference.

Don’t forget to bring your notebook so you can take down notes. It would be hard to rely on remembering everything. Since there will probably not be any handouts, better take down notes as the speaker will see that you are pretty interested in the conference when he sees you doing that. You would also want to take down things that you would want to ask during the question and answer portion. You can’t blame yourself if you have a lot of questions to ask. After all, you know you must be curious about a lot of things pertaining to the topic. Another way to prepare would be to dress nicely. It would be best to dress in smart casual attire. Yes, that means to avoid wearing something too casual like a t-shirt and shorts. Don’t forget to fix your hair and bring a lot of business cards as you may come across people you may find great use in the future. For example, you may meet successful entrepreneurs that you would want to do business with. You would certainly want to connect with them as it would be professional to exchange business cards instead of just exchanging numbers.

It would be awesome if your mobile phones are fully charged. After all, you never know when you may need them in the future. In this case, you will need it many times as you will take pictures of the talk then you can record the speaker using your phone’s voice recorder. You can also use your smartphone’s notepad to take down notes. Because of that, your phone can easily run out of battery.

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